What our clients say

Every one of our clients are courageous people who have made the decision to make a change in their lives and become an active member of society. We’re honoured to be able to help them and flattered to receive these fantastic testimonies.

“With my past substance misuse, criminal record and barriers due to child care I was finding it really difficult to find a job, and I just lacked confidence. With no CV and years out of work I found the whole process daunting, so when the Job Centre mentioned R.E.S. I got in touch. I wasn’t judged in any way. The staff at R.E.S. understand the difficulties of getting back into employment with a criminal background and gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to find employment.”
“After being in prison for eight years I found it difficult to find a job. With experience in kitchen and window fitting I knew my skills could be helpful to someone but I felt restricted. R.E.S. were very helpful and friendly, helping me update my CV and gain CSCS training to enable me to find a job.”
“I felt like my criminal record would stop me getting employment, I thought I would be discriminated against. R.E.S. were understanding people who knew what I was going through. Knowing that those supporting me had also gone through similar experiences gave me hope that possibilities were out there for me.”
“I had volunteered previously but I needed to gain confidence, find new volunteering work and find employment when I felt ready. I found R.E.S. friendly, welcoming and understanding of my situation.”

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How we can help

We support current and previously imprisoned adults and recovering addicts turn their lives around and build self-esteem.

Working with community partners our support is focused on intervention, prevention and reduction in offending and substance misuse. 

About our team

Our work is built on and inspired by our lived experience of the criminal justice system, substance misuse and addiction – we know what you have been through, so you can trust us to support you.