Self employment is the way forward for ex-offenders

Are you an ex-offender, or soon to be released?
Are you thinking about the best way to earn a living?

Most look for jobs as an employee. That isn’t easy. You usually have to disclose your conviction, and may be discriminated against.

Jobs for ex-offenders are really hard to find.

Reformed East Sussex offers a completely different way of getting an income. It’s self-employment! We can focus on specific trades and professions, training you to a level where you can get work as a trusted self-employed professional.

It doesn’t suit everyone. But for some like myself, it offers an amazing future. Maybe that includes you? 

Limits are the ones we give ourselves. Let us help you get on the road to a self-employed, self-sustained and fulfilled life.

What our clients say

Every one of our clients are courageous people who have made the decision to make a change in their lives and become an active member of society. We’re honoured to be able to help them and flattered to receive these fantastic testimonies.

Watch our new film

The film follows two journeys of a female prisoner upon release, one where she receives the help of a RES Support Worker and one where she does not.