Eastbourne fundraisers to send message to Government in 142 mile race

Staff and supporters of Reformed East Sussex (RES) are set to take on the race of their lives this May, cycling the equivalent length of a journey to Westminster and back.

With their latest event the team want to send a clear message to the Government: Organisations like RES are essential in the local community but are in danger. It’s time central Government stood up and took action!

Without Government and local authority support organisations such as RES stand no chance in delivering their vital services. The team need your support to not only raise funds but also tell Teresa May and the rest of the Government to listen!

Charmaine, CEO of RES, explained why it’s so important to raise awareness and funds right now: “With prison minister Rory Stewart looking to abolish prison sentences of less than six months core services like ours will be pivotal in cutting reoffending within the community. Mr Stewart has suggested that this move would ease pressure on prisons.”

As reported in The Independent after the announcement of these proposals, Mr Stewart and The Ministry Of Justice cited research that indicated “short sentences are too often ineffective, provide little opportunity to rehabilitate offenders and lead to unacceptably high rates of reoffending”.

In Scotland judges are already guided against sentences less than six months which has led to reoffending rates dropping to the lowest level for two decades. It works, but only if local services, local and central Government, plus communities and community interest groups work in partnership to rehabilitate people.

Charmaine continues: “We know two thirds of prisoners released after short sentences reoffend within a year, short sentences are long enough to damage you but not long enough to heal you.

“The public would be safer if we had good community sentences. But community sentences require good community services working together to ensure they’re effective. RES already plays a key role in the community and we believe we could be essential in making community sentences work.

“But we and other local services can only help if they are properly funded, so we hope this event will help us raise funds and send a message to Mrs May and the rest of Parliament that local people care, and want them to care more too!”

Join the team, supporters (including local politician Caroline Ansell, Christine Ewbank from Eastbourne’s Chamber of Commerce) and the local community at Banker’s Corner, Eastbourne between 10am and 3pm on Saturday 4th May, you’ll be helping RES raise funds and awareness.

Watch them ride two Watt Bikes, kindly supplied by Theone Coleman at City Gym / Ethical Fitness, or get involved yourself, just as Theone is. He’s an ex-offender himself and now owns City Gym (soon to be re-named Ethical Fitness), and strongly believes in the power of rehabilitation in the community, he’s a testament to how someone can change their life with the right support.

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