Eastbourne Community Interest Company highlights importance of support for women leaving prison

A new short film produced by an Eastbourne based Community Interest Company aims to highlight the vital need for expert support for women leaving prison.

The film, produced by Reformed East Sussex (RES) and Skylark Vision, follows two journeys of a female prisoner upon release, one where she receives the help of a RES Support Worker and one where she does not.

The release of this film comes shortly after a new report produced by the Prison Reform Trust, revealed the worrying rise in women being recalled to prison and becoming stuck in the Criminal Justice System instead of being supported to turn their lives around. As reported by Russell Webster: “The report, Broken Trust, reveals that over 1,700 women were recalled to prison in England and Wales during the last year, and that reforms which were intended to help are making things worse.”

RES wholeheartedly agrees with the Prison Reform Trust’s report and believes the only way ex-offenders will rebuild their lives is through expert guidance from Support Workers who have lived experience of what they are going through.

Charmaine Sewell, CEO of RES, said: “This short film is the true reality of many people leaving the Criminal Justice System, back to the streets, addiction, desperation, bleakness. 

“This was me many years ago, it took me years to turn my life around but I did it. In the end I came out fighting, fighting for social justice. I’ve always believed if I feel strongly about something then do something about it. There’s still so much I feel needs to change, needs to happen in society today, still so much keeps me up at night thinking of a plan.

“I wanted to produce this film to show how lives can be so different with the right support and why RES service must continue.”

Working with community partners RES’ support is focused on intervention, prevention and reduction in offending and substance misuse. We help people either find employment or improve their employability.

But without your help RES cannot continue to provide this service.

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